SRICI testing center, which was established in 1958, is the pioneer of China classification and appraisal for dangerous chemicals and the formulator of China fertilizers standardization and quality determination as well.
    For more than half a century, we always follow the purpose “Identifying hazard, Concerning safety, Respecting science , Serving trade”,and advocate the core values of “Care, Respect, Innovation, Science, Safety & Environment protection”, and adhere to our quality policy “Justness, Science, Service” for the pursuit of high quality service. Rich testing experience, Sophisticated testing apparatus, great HR resources, sufficient research fund, aggressive innovation enthusiasm and advanced service concept help us to acquire the authorizations of General Administration of Quality Supervision, Inspection and Quarantine of China, State Administration of Work Safety, State Environmental Protection Administration of China, Certification and Accreditation Administration of China, General Administration of Civil Aviation of China and other government departments.
    We have established first dangerous chemicals classification and appraisal public service platform in China and our experimental areas are 4500m2 with more than 160 sets of large testing apparatus; our center now owns 2 master degree training stations, and 3 people with doctor degree, 19 people with master degree, involving isotope, military chemistry and other 15 area specialties; engaged in chemicals physical, health and environment hazard classification method research; apparatus research and postgraduate students training etc.; and also as the pioneer for fertilizer quality determination method research, standardization, inspection and production license. At present, our business scope set Shanghai as center, covers East China area, radiate national each city region and with clients at home and abroad. We now enjoy a high reputation of national and International top-ranking lab in dangerous chemicals classification and appraisal and fertilizers determination field.
    In retrospective, 50 golden years like the harvesting autumn: For future prospect, livingness superior to the vigorous spring. Director Liu Gang, with all center staff, warmly welcomes old and new friends at home and abroad visiting our center for technical communication and guide or business negotiations. It is our aim to provide high quality and professional service.

SRICI testing center is an authority testing institute in the chemicals classification & appraisal industry in China and owns the following qualifications:
- State Administration of Work Safety – Shanghai Classification and Testing Center for Dangerous Chemicals
- Classification and Appraisal Center for Dangerous Chemicals of Chemical Industry
- Authorized Appraisal and Testing Center for Safety Transport of Chemical Goods by General Administration of Civil Aviation of China
- Authorized Appraisal and Testing Center for Safety Transport of Chemical Goods by Shanghai Railway Administration
- Authorized Appraisal and Testing Center for Safety Transport of Chemical Goods by Shanghai Maritime Safety Administration
- Consigned Appraisal and Testing Center by most Air Companies, Airport and Maritime Companies
- China National Center for Quality Supervision & Testing of Fertilizer (Shanghai)
- China National Technical Committee for Standardization of Fertilizer & Soil Conditioners
- The National Industrial Product Manufacturing License Office Fertilizer Examination Department
- Molecular Sieve Standardization Technical Committee
- ISO Standardization Technical Committee
- science and technology achievement appraisal organization of the Ministry of Science and Technology of the People’s Republic of China
- Shanghai Chemical Industry Occupational Skill Testing Authority – Examination Station of Analytical Worker
- Chemical Industry Occupational Skill Training Base of Ministry of Labour and Social Security PRC
- assessed by CNAS to ISO/IEC 17025, ISO/IEC 17020
- First GLP laboratory of CNCA
- Shanghai Work Safety Emergency Response and Rescue Team
- CNAS laboratory competency authentication organizer

Main business of classification & appraisal for dangerous chemicals:
Classification & Testing methods research of dangerous chemicals
Dangerous chemicals classification and appraisal apparatus develop
Classification and appraisal for dangerous chemicals transport by air, sea, railway and road (Classify dangerous chemical goods from class 1 to class 9 in compliance with related international & national standards and regulations)
Dangerous chemicals dangerous property testing (New chemical substance register and REACH testing. Test parameters include melting point, flash point, boiling point, auto-ignition temperature(liquid and solid), Relative Self- ignition Temperature for Solids,Oxidizing Solid & Liquid ,acute toxicity (oral, dermal and inhalation), acute dermal irritation/corrosion, acute eye irritation/corrosion, vapour pressure, density, surface tension, particle size distribution/ fiber length and diameter distributions, viscosity, determination of the low molecular weight content of a polymer, determination of the number average molecular weight and the molecular weight distribution of polymers, solution/extraction behaviour of polymers in water, partition coefficient (n-octanol/water), water solubility, Flammability (Solids & Gases), Flammability (Contact with water),Pyrophoric Solids & Liquids, Explosives ,fat solubility (solids & liquids)etc. Physics hazards & Health hazards from Class 1 to Class 9 parameter items)
MSDS & GHS documentation
International & national standardization of Dangerous chemical goods classification and appraisal
Substance quantitative & qualitative analysis
Lab information management system develop
Consultation service for the government

Main business of Fertilizers testing:
Testing methods research of fertilizer quality
Fertilizers quality supervision testing (National and Local Quality Supervision & Spot check  of Fertilizers, Enterprise clients)
Fertilizer products standardization (Draw/Edit National and Industrial Standards related to products, testing methods and terms, 1 prime standards committee;5 branches under establishment and 1 work group, convenor of  ISO/TC 134 WG1,International standardization )
Fertilizer products Manufacturing License(Implementing Rules establishments of Compound Fertilizer, Phosphate Fertilizer, Liquefied Anhydrous Ammonia, Nitric Acid for Industrial Use and other products, application documents check, manufacturing scene inspection and quality testing)
Fertilizers scientific and technological achievements appraisal

Outstanding Achievements:
Our center is the first and the only appraisal and inspection organization that has independent intellectual property rights and more than 150,000 chemical safety data;
Our center is the first and the only appraisal and inspection organization that has the qualification to do the classification for safe transport of chemical goods by air, sea, road and railway with actual experimental data;
Our center can carry out class 1-9 dangerous property classification including ecological toxicity testing & health Toxicity testing.
Our center is the first inspection organization which issue the certification with false proof technology;
We take the lead in setting up the laboratory information management system (LIMS), accomplish the real non-paper operation and inspection via internet; and meanwhile, our clients can apply and inquire on line at any time. Our center can feed back information to our clients though message or E-mail.
Draw/edit more than 120 national and industrial standards, set up an integrated national standardization system.,and several standards have been assessed as excellent standards; convenor of ISO/TC 134 WG1.
Our center now undertake 1 item of China 863 plan,1 item of research flat supported by Science and Technology Commission of Shanghai Municipality,15 items of China national standard committee,4 items of special standards fund supported by Science and Technology Commission of Shanghai Municipality standard.
We issued the product manufacturing license for almost 5000 fertilizer enterprises;
We published 6 books about testing analysis and management in last 5 years;
We compiled the teaching materials about classification of dangerous goods for shanghai airport authority;
We can train master degree independently and cooperatively train doctor degree
Our center obtained 10 national invention utility patents
We have awarded Shanghai Gold Prize for Quality, national working model & national chemical advanced group and etc.


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