According to <Pesticide registration materials regulations >, the related pesticide products physical and chemical parameters and determination methods etc. shall be submitted for the technical support for the evaluation of its safety. Related safety management regulations will be established to guarantee the safety of production, processing, packing, storage, transport, sales and use.
SRICI Testing center has assessed by CNAS according to ISO/IEC 17025, ISO/IEC 17020 and become the Authorized Appraisal and Testing Center for New Chemical Substance by State Environmental Protection Administration of China (test for REACH and new chemical substance registration). In 2008, our center became the First GLP Lab in China recognized by CNCA. Our testing center has full physical and chemical property testing experience and powerful technique support.

Test standards:
REACH standards
OECD standards
ASTM standards
ISO standards
GB standards

Test items:
Physical and chemical parameter
Flammable range of gas(upper limit and lower limit)
Closed-cup flash point
Open–cup flash point
Fire point(liquid)
(Initial) boiling point
Boiling point/ distillation range
Relative self-ignition temperature solids
Auto-ignition temperature (liquids and gases)
Melting point/melting range
Vapor Pressure
Particle Size Distribution
Kinematic viscosity and calculation of dynamic
Moisture content
Bulk density (loose)
Physical and chemical parameter  characteristic
Flammable gases——aerosol flammable characteristic
Flammable Solids——Burning rate
Self-reactive substances screening——Heat accumulation storage test(self-sustaining exothermic decomposition temperature)
Pyrophoric Solid
Pyrophoric Liquid Self-heating Substances
Flammability—Substances which, in contact with water, Emit flammable gases
Oxidizing characteristic(Solids)
Oxidizing characteristic(liquids)
Corrosive characteristic(for metals)
Burning heat
Instruments testing
Thermal analysis——(DSC)

Application flow:

Notes: The testing items of technical concentrate and formulation product are different, please read details below. The application documents are as follows:
•the chemical components of the product (to identify the safety of the product)
•For aerosol sample, the ratio of liquid to gas shall be provided. If the sample is a mix gas, the proportions of the components shall be provided.
•Enterprise standard
•Spectrogram of the technical concentrate
•Product label
•Quality testing report copy
•Toxicity testing report copy
•Fill in the application form (Download)
•Enough sample
•Detail testing items shall refer to the different sample

农药理化测试申请表 Application form
农药制剂--建议测试项目及收费标准 Pesticide (formulation product) test items & charge table
农药原药(母药)--测试项目及收费标准 Pesticide(technical concentrate) test items & charge table
Ministry of Agriculture decree No.10
Pesticide registration materials regulations

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