On-site testing is a new testing service for those importable equipments and instrumentswhich may contain dangerous chemicals. The purpose of this service is to serve clients, gurantee safety and promote trade. 
Testing scope:
Comprehensive appliances and instruments dangerous property classification:
Engines                    Vehicles
Ignitron tools (cigar lighter etc.)        Gas cylinder
Integrated machines, equipment        Radioactive substance initial screening
Refrigerator, Air-conditioner etc.
Radioactivity initial screening
Magnetized material testing
Other emergency testing

<Recommendations on the TRANSPORT OF DANGEROUS GOODS Model Regulations> (Orange Book)
(IMDG Code)
<Railway code of dangerous goods>
<List of hazardous chemical substances> (National standards) etc.

Business Flow:
1. Please contact us at least half a day in advance to guarantee the testing.
2. Please fill in the application form.
3. Fax the application form, customs declaration, and map to our center. (Marked contact person and tel. No.)
4. Please contact the engineer and make arrangements of the testing and payment.
5. Our center will go to the warehouse and carry out testing. Special affairs coordinate by both sides solve.
6. Our center will issue certification after testing.

1、Please consult our on-site testing engineer on telephone in advance due to the different requirements of on-site testing.
2、The samples and documents provided for appraisal shall be consistent with the goods to be transported. Otherwise, the client will bear all losses; legal responsibilities and other consequences due to it.
3、For those uncertain or doubtful sample, our center has right to ask the client to sent the sample to our center. Our engineer will negotiate with the client on the scene for details.4、The certification on-site is only valid once, which means the on-site certification is bound to the cargo.

Test charges: RMB 500/sample
On-site Service: RMB200 near Pudong Airport, other area for further negotiation.
现场鉴定申请表 Application form

The client can pay cash in the Building E Floor 1; No.10 Jin Wen Road testing lobby and take the invoice immediately.

Contact method:
Mr. Dong Tel: 021-51905664 13788965682-6838   E-mail:dongdaweid@gmail.com
Address: :Building E Floor 1; No.10 Jin Wen Road testing lobby


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Address:Building E Floor 1; No.10 Jin Wen Road testing lobby
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