Lithium battery UN38.3 test and pack 1.2m drop test:
UN38.3 refer to the < Manual of Tests and Criteria>Lithium battery test Chapter UN 38.3(Download),the transport of lithium battery or equipments containing batteries shall passed UN 38.3 test items first. Lithium battery or packed with equipments transported by air which shall pass pack 1.2m drop test as well can be transported as “unlimited goods”

Lead-Acid battery testing (Vibration test; Pressure differential test; 55℃ Leak test):
Vibration test; Pressure differential test; 55℃ Leak test is a series of tests for the safe transport of Lead-Acid battery. According to IATA DGR, the Lead-Acid battery containing electrolyte shall be assigned to Class 8 hazard UN No.2794 without tests; If the Lead-Acid battery are capable of withstanding the Vibration test & Pressure differential test, without passed 55℃ Leak test, it shall be assigned to Class 8 hazard UN No.2800;If the Lead-Acid battery has passed all three tests, it shall be assigned to “unlimited goods”.

Test items:
Lithium battery testing (UN 38.3 test,1.2m package drop test etc.)
Lead-Acid battery testing (Vibration test; Pressure differential test; 55℃ Leak test)
Classification for safe transport of batteries
MSDS for Batteries
Testing rely on the standards provided by the clients (e.g. Capacity testing)

Lithium-ion battery;   Lithium metal/alloy battery; Large lithium battery
Lead-acid battery;    Ni-MH/Ni-Cd battery;      alkaline battery
Other chemical batteries

UN Series standards        BS Series standards        IEC Series standards
ANSI Series standards      UL Series standards        JIS Series standards
GB Series standards        SJ-T Series standards       QC/T Series standards
SN/T Series standards      IEEE Series standards       YD Series standards
Other standard or non-standard testing method

Application flow:
Please fill in the application form on our website. (Please register first if you are a new applier). The client can send the sample with the booking No. on it to our center receipt lobby. (West entrance No.345 East Yunling Road.)
We will start our test after receipt of the sample.

Sample needed for the test:

 Test items Sample amounts Duration Charge
Lithium battery UN38.3 test(small battery)

Battery pack:50batteries or
30 batteries+20cells

1 month(weekends included, festivals not included) ¥9900/type
Lithium battery 50 circles charge and discharge 1/2 for UN38.3 test
(only for rechargeable batteries and cells)
10 working days ¥1500/type
Lithium battery 1.2m drop test 1 minimum entire pack 2 working days ¥800 /type
Lead-Acid battery vibration test; pressure differential test; 55℃ leak test    4 Lead-Acid batteries 7 working days

Pressure differential:¥1500
55℃ Leak:¥800

Safe transport certificate for battery 1 sample 2 working days RMB500/type

P.S. The big battery and other battery tests please contact our center for details. 

Battery Application Flow
UN38.3  Chinese
UN38.3  English

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