Ⅰ. <Certification for the Safe Transport of Chemical Goods > & < Certification for Dangerous Properties of Chemical Goods> sample sending notes:
1. Sample amount needed: solid 30~50g; liquid 50~70ml. The client will be informed if additional test is needed (for example: 1kg for self-heating test, 200g for oxidizing properties test, 3.5L sample for metal corrosion test). The name of the goods and Application Company should be indicated on the packaging of the sample. For check requirements, our center will reserve all samples. (If valuable or special samples need to be returned, please note in the remarks column.)
2. Our testing center will not accept the application until the application company guarantees that the sample is the same as the transport goods. The clients should bear the related charge, law responsibilities and other consequences for any non-conformity.

Ⅱ. <Certification for the Safe Transport of Chemical Goods > & < Certification for Dangerous Properties of Chemical Goods> Application form notes:
1. The exact substance of the goods should be filled in ,instead of single code, type or specification code,and etc.
2. For battery products (or containing batteries), the name of the goods should be filled in with its type (for example: Zinc-Manganese battery, Nickel-hydrogen battery, Nickel-Cadmium battery, Lead-acid battery, lithium battery and etc.) and the model of the batteries.
3. For organic pigment(except propylene pigment for painting use), applicants should provide the commodity name of the dye. For organic dye, applicants should provide the commodity name and its intensity.
4. Please provide the actual manufactory and the application agency of the goods. The certification can not be modified after issued.
5. If possible, please provide the Material Safety Data Sheet (MSDS) of the sample.
6. The clients should bear the collection delay, certification error and extra charge due to the information none or wrongly provided.
7. For “Certification for the Safe Transport of Chemical Goods”, "Transport Mode" in the application form shall be filled in. For none selection, the default selection will be by air and not allowed to change. The clients shall bear the collection delay or certification error and extra charge due to this reason.

Ⅲ. Charge and time needed:
1. Normal application flow:
(The collection time will be individually informed if the sample needs extra test through initial determination.)
Note: The client shall send the sample before 10 a.m. for ¥700 urgent sample.
 2、To guarantee the appraisal of the related technical data, for those uncertain data or doubtful data(for example, Rat/Mouse oral toxicity data LD50、self-heating substance, and etc..), our center has rights to carry out other tests (extra tests),and the applicants shall bear the related testing charge, Details on our website.
3、Due to the different criterion of the transport mode, each certificate will only display one transport mode. If the same sample for multi-transport modes, the charge is: ¥500 for 1 transport mode(urgent charge not included),¥800 for 2 transport modes(urgent charge not included),¥1000 for 3 transport modes(urgent charge not included),¥1200 for 4 transport modes(urgent charge not included). Collection after 24hours needs ¥100 urgent charge. Collection within 24hours needs¥200 urgent charge.

Ⅳ. <Certification for the Safe Transport of Chemical Goods > & < Certification for Dangerous Properties of Chemical Goods> Valid date and reissue.
1. The certification is valid within the year. within the valid date, the original certifications of origin date can be reissued by the copy of the original certification with the seal of the application agency, or by collection proxy of the application company ((including certification No. & collector & the seal of the application agency. ¥100 for each certification. For those reissued certifications, the applicant should guarantee that the transport goods is the same as the origin sample.

Ⅴ.Other cautions:
1. Due to the annual renew of the regulations of the dangerous goods transport,the conclusion may be different every year.
2. To prevent the miss or wrong collection of the certifications, the collector shall provide the application receipt of our center or collection proxy of the application company (including certification No. or name of the goods, collector and other necessary information with the seal of the application company) to take the certification(Details on our website).
3. If for the lithium battery,besides the items above,please pay attention to the bulletin of lithium battery testing information on the website.
4. If for the magnetized material testing,please read the magnetized material testing application cautions and charge carefully.
5. The client should send the right sample to our center. For wrong sample or fake sample, another ¥300 shall be pay for the mistake.
6. For battery products (or products containing battery), electronic file images of samples are needed, specific requirements are as follows:
For batteries with model labels, labels must be clear and recognizable (if necessary, the enlarged local figure must be provided) in the photo; stripe-type batteries or cell phone batteries and etc., in addition the photo of the model side, the one of battery on the back is needed. 
 For battery without model labels, photographs must be multi-dimensional taken (to reflect the structural features, at least three photos). 
 If the product contains the battery, besides the above requirements of the battery image, the appearance product images which can reflect the structural features are also needed. 
 We suggest merge these pictures into one A4 size, electronic document format of word. 
 If the provided photographs are not clear, then the commission can not be accepted

Online application is proposed, e-file pictures would be uploaded as attachments when online application. If the online application can not pass, our center is commissioned to film battery (or batteries and products) pictures, and process data, besides costs in terms III, ¥100 more is needed.

7. The size requirements of the battery
The battery size requirements should be stated in the application, the requirements are as follows 
  Identification of a single or a removable battery: 
 Square Battery: length (mm) × width (mm) × height (mm) 
 Cylindrical battery / button cell: Φ (mm) × height (mm) 
 Irregular battery: Length (mm) × width (mm) × height (mm) (the maximum size per dimension)

Products with battery in
 Equipment Dimensions: Length (mm) × width (mm) × height (mm) (the maximum size per dimension) 
 Cylindrical / button devices: Φ (mm) × height (mm)

VI Work time, contact, address and bank account
1. Work time: Monday – Friday (8:30 – 16:30)

Ⅶ Payment:
1.by Cash.  The clients can take the invoice immediately.
2.by check. The clients can take the invoice immediately.
3.Bank remittance:
RMB Account:
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Foreign currency account:
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