The application of PI966 certification Instruction for notebook PC packed with lithium battery

Recently, For IATA DGR 50th new regulations related to lithium battery transport, we have asked the opinions of PRBA、US DOT、IAIA DGR and other departments and members. We established the following operation procedure temporarily with some airline companies. The final operation procedure shall refer to the regulations of CAAC.
1.The lap-top computers apply for PI966 < Certification for Safe Transport of Chemical Goods > shall provide following documents:
 UN38.3 test reports and related authority documents
 Related 1.2m drop test reports and authority documents
 Equipment photo and battery photo
 The sample of the battery
2.PI966 1.2m drop test
If the packing of the battery is a independent、unsealed、hard package, the 1.2m drop test can be carried out with this package.
If the packing of the battery is a soft package, the 1.2m drop test shall be carried out with the whole packing(including notebook PC).
3.If the clients apply for packing instruction 966 certification,the name of the goods may not include the brand and the type of the notebook PC,but the screen size of the notebook PC must be labeled,for example:"12 inches notebook PC(containing lithium ion battery XXXX)"
4.The colors of the computer can be written as "black;white;grey and other colors".
5.The certifications will attach the photo of the computer which can be provided by the manufacturer.
6.All these sorts of applications shall be submitted on-line.


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