2009 is going to pass away. In this year, the old and new clients have granted us a great support and help for our testing. Please allow our staff to express our thanks to all clients and friends.

    The end of 2009 is coming and the business peak is with it. For your requirements, our center will started lithium battery application of 2010 from Dec 1st. The valid date of the certification of 2010 started from Jan 1st. 2010. Please make arrangement of your application and collection time. We suggest that the manufacturer of electronic devices(966/967/969/970) and the supplier of the batteries(965/968)s coordinate with each other and decide the application and collection time.

The application for certification of 2009 and 2010 is a little different. Please apply according to your requirements. (Read details below.)

1. The clients can apply for the certification of 2009 and 2010 from Dec.1st. Please note in the remarks of the application form. The default application is for certification of 2009 without remarks.
2. The clients shall provide UN38.3 reports and 1.2m drop test, battery photo and sample for the application of battery transport certification(965/968) and the certification of 2009 cannot substitute the documents above.
3. The application for lithium battery contained in the equipments(966/967/969/970) are divided into 3 different situations: please upload related documents online(Details on Appendix Ⅰ)  For example: X company apply for 966 certification only need to upload certification of 2009, equipment and battery photo, and Statement. UN38.3 report and 1.2m drop test report is not required if it has 966 certification of 2009 applied by X company.
4. From Dec 1st to Dec 20th, the certification of 2010 can be collected 7 days after application. From Dec 20th, the certification can be collected 2 work days after application. The urgent test service is not provided in Dec 2009 and it will start again from Jan 2010.
5. The valid date for 2010 certification started from Jan 1st. 2010. The client shall bear all responsibilities if the certification of 2010 is used in advance before the valid date.

Any questions for lithium battery safe transport certification, please contact
Mr. Yu 021-52815377-0757   binhuyu@gmail.com

 Appendix Ⅰ. Application documents
 Appendix Ⅱ. Statement








Any questions for lithium battery safe transport certification, please contact
Mr. Yu 021-52815377-0757   


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