Q: What are the notes when fill in the MSDS/SDS application form?
A: ① If you need the report both in English and Chinese, please make sure to fill in the English names of the sample and manufactory.
   ② In the "main ingredient and content of chemicals" column , please make sure to clearly fill in f the composition and content of the sample, fill in the content as true as possible. Involving commercial secrets, you can contact our center staff.

Q: Is the application from must be stamped with an original seal?
A: General the original seal is required, but the clear photocopies or faxes could also be recognized.

Q: What does the additional experiment mean?
A: With years’ experience of our center's staff, some sample need additional experiments, then when the sample is received, we will directly tell the clients the charge and sample amount for the additional requirements, and the completion of the report may be delayed.
Common products needed to do self-heating (class 4.2) test are: Pigment Red 57:1; Pigment Red 48:2; Pigment Yellow 12; Pigment Yellow 13; chlorella powder; cocoa powder; chestnut polysaccharide; activated carbon and so on.
The other samples based on their chemical structure and initial screening experiments, may have acute toxicity, may be corrosive to skin or metal. But if the final conclusions can not be determined through the initial screening and documentation, the products require additional experiments.
If the preliminary experiment phenomena of the product are found to be explosive, self-reactive, oxidizing agents and so on, these products also require relevant additional experiments to determine the conclusions.

Q : What are the notes when apply for the battery MSDS/SDS report?
A: First, in the "Name" column, battery type, voltage and capacity must be filled in. For the application of lithium batteries MSDS/SDS report, the client shall provide lithium battery UN38.3 report and 1.2m drop report issued or recognized by our center; for Lead-acid batteries MSDS/SDS report, the client shall provide vibration, pressure differential, and 55℃ leakage test reports issued or recognized by our center.

Q: How to apply the Certification for the Safe Transport of Chemical Goods and MSDS/SDS report at the same time?
A: The client need to fill in two application forms for Certification for the Safe Transport of Chemical Goods and MSDS/SDS, but only one amount of sample is needed.

Q: How to apply for multi-component samples?
A: For products composed of two or more components, the clients are required to fill in every one component with every one MSDS/SDS application form. If the report needs to be urgent, the urgent charge is paid according to every application form.
For example:
Epoxy primer**(type) (component A)  Charges ¥2500  one application form  one report
Epoxy primer**(type) (component B)  Charges ¥2500  one application form  one report

Q: For multi-component sample, how to apply if we cannot provide the component and content of the sample?
A: Our center can provide sample component; content testing & MSDS report issue business. Detailed testing charge and duration can contact us for further consultion.

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