Q: Can we take the report immediately after remittance?
A: The banking system has a time lag which may cause that the online banking on remittances can not be recognized at once. We suggest that you remit two days in advance so that your will take the report in time.

Q: Why cannot I find the remittances on personal name that often cause the delay of my collecting report?
A: Because the banking system is often unable to correctly display the name of senders on personal remittances. Even we contact the bank; we still cannot confirm your payment. Please do not use remittances on personal names as possible.

Q: Why the invoice of testing charge had not been received after one-week’s remittance?
A: Normally the invoice can be issued one day after the payment, and we are responsible for mailing your invoice by registered mail. Your invoice may still be on the way. In case of doubt, you may contact our client service for you confirmation.

Q: How foreign companies operate the foreign currency remittances?
A: You can first contact the relevant testing department to confirm the amount of remittances, and then remit to our foreign currency accounts.

Q: Can we pay in cash and check to the Pudong Airport inspection station?
A: Yes, our Pudong Airport inspection station can not only carry out related tests for you, but also deal with accounting affairs with cash and checks.

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